Toward more engaging learning: OpenSesame wants to rethink organizational development through a Training Jam

We’ve all sat through them—or at least seen them made fun of—the dreaded corporate on-boarding, training, and organizational development curricula. But what if those learning experiences were more, well, fun? What if we actually enjoyed them? I mean, without the snark. Call them optimistic, but Portland startup OpenSesame thinks that there’s an opportunity there. To reinvent the medium. That’s why they’re throwing a Training Jam.

This jam is a hackathon for games. Our goal is to foster new ideas, exploring the creation of more engaging and entertaining content for the corporate training world. This isn’t about gamification, where game-like elements are layered onto traditionally designed courses. Rather, we want to foster innovation by having independent game designers, experts in entertaining and engaging the users, create game-like courses that have the necessary educational elements for valid training. We want these games to leave participants with a positive experience, and wanting more.

The event will be held the weekend of April 22-24 at DeskHub Portland. It’s free to attend and features cash prizes for the winners. All skills and roles are invited to attend.

Who’s mentoring the participants? It’s an eclectic mix of corporate organizational development types and people from the indie gaming world.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Training Jam.