Get going faster on GoPro development thanks to local Internet of Things startup Rigado

It’s always interesting when companies move from single solution thinking to platform thinking. GoPro is in the midst of that very transition as it rethinks and retools its business. And local startup Rigado is right in the thick of it.

Not familiar with Rigado?

Rigado is a leader in providing Bluetooth Low Energy modules and solutions. Our modules include security, firmware and library features that prove our commitment to helping you create an exceptional product and shorten your time to market.

We are also a multi-disciplined engineering and design consulting firm. Rigado helps electronics developers seeking turnkey solutions by providing design engineering services and expertise in turn-key IoT product development and manufacturing; including RF/wireless design, electrical design, embedded software design, app development, server frontend and backend development and mechanical design.

And that’s why GoPro selected Rigado to help launch the new GoPro Developer Program. Which includes featuring the Rigado BMD-300 among the inaugural products included in the launch:

The BMD-300 is the officially supported platform of the GoPro Developer Program. It is an ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart module based on the advanced nRF52832 SoC from Nordic Semiconductor.

The GoPro Developer Program example code contains a Bluetooth stack designed to run on the BMD-300. GoPro Developers can use this example code to kick-start your application with the provided camera API!

“We’re extremely excited to make our BMD-300 series modules compatible with GoPro’s globally respected line of products,” said Ben Corrado, CEO of Rigado. “The GoPro Developer Program will provide endless opportunities for innovation, and Rigado is perfectly positioned to provide best-in-class hardware and support to product designers and developers.”

I get it. This may all sound like a bunch of tech geeking. But it’s important. And notable. Why? It’s important because it reminds me of another point in the history of our community. When companies like Small Society starting landing work with big name brands as part of this new wacky mobile landscape that no one really quite understood yet.

But members of our community did. And their early forays into that world resulted in Portland developing a significant presence in the burgeoning mobile industry.

And that’s what I’m sensing with IoT, as well. It’s Portland’s experimental and hobbyist culture—our culture of curiosity—that has folks making early inroads into the world of IoT. And if we’re not careful, we may just see another bevy of awesome Portland startups beginning to gain significant traction in this whole Internet of Things thing.

For more on the announcement and the developer tools, visit Rigado.