Be part of the welcome wagon for the StartupBus as it travels through Portland

If there’s one word that I hear everyone use to describe Portland, it’s “welcoming.” Almost, at times, to a fault. But here’s an opportunity to use that collegial hospitality in the best possible way: to welcome a bunch of folks to our awesome town who you know full well are leaving in a couple of hours. Because they’re on the StartupBus.

What’s the StartupBus, you ask? Well, believe it or not, it’s a concept with which most of you are intimately familiar. Like a hackathon. Or a Startup Weekend. It’s just on wheels.

Equal parts hackathon, road trip and global community, StartupBus is an annual competition designed to empower the tech community — challenging top tier talent to hop on a bus and conceive, build and launch a startup in 72 hours.

Created to develop and inspire creators of the next generation of technology companies through unique experiences and inspirational connections, StartupBus is a bootcamp that fast forwards lives and careers – changing how people see the world and their place in it.

And this year, Portland is one of the first stops on the journey for StartupBus Americas VII, as it travels from Vancouver, BC—well, and technically Vancouver, WA, at some point—en route to Boulder Startup Week. They’ll be through town on the afternoon of Sunday, May 15, around 2:00PM. And they’ll be stopping by DeskHub Portland to meet the community, stretch their legs, and get some much needed fresh air.

So if you’re interested in welcoming the StartupBus to Portland, make sure to swing by DeskHub on Sunday afternoon.