Tired of reading about unicorns? Cool. Let's talk about piggies. And the reality of startup life.

Back in the old days of Silicon Florist, I used to highlight other blog posts that were awesome. Mostly, because a lot more people used to blog back then. And I am lazy. Well, guess what? Even though fewer people seem to be doing the blogging thing like they used, I am still categorically lazy. Plus this piece by Oscar Godson was great. So I’m sharing it.

This is the completely unglamorous story of my startup I co-founded with my friend and business partner, Adam Bickford. A couple months ago it was acquired by our first investor who now manages it and is taking it in a new direction.

Usually you read about startups on sites like TechCrunch where a startup in San Francisco made some app that does something inane like sends “Yo” to your friends and raises million of dollars their seed round that later sells for 100s of millions to billions of dollars. You rarely hear about how truly fucking brutal it is. It’s not the long hours that most founders say in interviews, it’s the mental anguish. The euphoric Mt. Everest highs and depressing 6ft down under lows. That’s what I’m writing about today.

Carve out some time—or add this to your weekend reading list. You’ll be glad you did.