GeekWire names Portland's Reflect one of the best pitches at Techstars Seattle Demo Day

You know me. I love a good Demo Day. And I love it even more when there are awesome Portland companies on stage. So wouldn’t you know it, when Techstars Seattle holds a Demo Day and there’s a Portland company on stage…? It’s going to be post worthy. And GeekWire calling them out only makes it moreso. Meet Reflect.

Composed of PIE and Cloudability alums Alex Bilmes, Brad Heller, and Colby Aley, the team was highlighted as one of the favorite pitches from Techstars most recent Demo Day.

Bilmes noted how tools like AWS, Twilio and Stripe have helped spur a culture around “buying functionality instead of building it.” He said Reflect does the same, but for data visualization, helping companies save both time and money.

“Now anyone can have team of designers, engineers, and data scientists through an incredibly simple API,” Bilmes said.

For more on the company, see the GeekWire profile on Reflect or visit Reflect.

[Full disclosure: I had the opportunity to work with every member of the team during their stints at PIE. Despite this setback, they’ve still managed to become really awesome founders.]