Thinking "Beyond the Valley"

When I first started this blog—way back in the dark ages of this current generation of Portland startups—it seemed that time and time again the prevailing wisdom was “move to the Valley.” And that left a bit of a mark on me. So I can’t help but be lifted every time someone provides a counter argument to that thinking, especially when it has an eye toward the future. Like this TechCrunch piece by Eugene’s Pat McCarthy.

Ask yourself one question: How can you attract and retain a community of top-notch tech talent? Because that’s what most tech professionals are searching for more than anything else: an intellectual community.

Fortunately for tomorrow’s tech elite, it’s no longer a case of “Silicon Valley or bust.” Take a look at cities like New York, Austin, Boulder, Portland, Los Angeles, Philly and Baltimore and you’ll find a thriving tech scene in each of these places.

If you’re looking for a little “we can do this” pick me up for a Friday afternoon, take a few moments to read Beyond the Valley.

(Hat tip to Joe Maruschak)