Exploring the intersection of art, experience, and technology: dotdotdash's New Forms Residency

There are those few rare times. When many seemingly different pursuits collide. And in so doing, they create an entirely new—and compelling—form of expression. You’ve likely lived through a couple of these times. And they seem to be happening with increasing regularity. The latest I’m tracking is the collision of technology, art, virtual/augmented reality, and physical space.

And I’m not the only one. Meet dotdotdash‘s New Forms Residency.

New Forms Residency | Damien Gilley  —  ‘Specular’ Virtual Reality Art Exhibit from dotdotdash on Vimeo.

[O]ur New Forms Residency which seeks to connect artists with technology to create opportunities to pursue a new evolution of art + design languages. Through New Forms Residency we offer targeted opportunities that provide technical and creative support, and studio space to develop new work.

New Forms Residency collaboration has been an exciting, purely artistic endeavor that has resulted in new perspectives and learnings from [our first collaborator Damien Gilley], and technological breakthroughs through experimental development. These internal projects are important for us as a studio because they enable us to learn, grow, and evolve, thus providing more value back to our clients.

For more on the project, read dotdotdash’s post on the effort.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE. dotdotdash is a PIE alum.]