Sonic and Terraria: Two local studios take on two major titles

Sometimes, even I need a reminder of all of the amazing work happening around here. So when I heard about two household name game titles that are being built here locally, I just had to share. So if you happen to like a speedy little blue hedgehog and digging through cavernous blog filled worlds, get ready to be happy—and full of some hometown pride.

First, Eugene-based Pipeworks has picked up development on Terraria, one of the most popular games in the world. Sure, Minecraft gets all the headlines. But Terraria? It keeps folks attention—and retains players. And now Pipeworks will be bringing it PlayStation 4 (Dare I say, “Terraria VR”?!!?) and Xbox One.

We’re extremely proud to reveal that Pipeworks is now the developer behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the wildly successful creative sandbox known as Terraria! As tremendous, long-time fans of the game, we couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to work alongside Re-Logic to bring the magic of Terraria to consoles.

For now, our main focus is updating the Terraria code base, to ensure that Terraria is running as smoothly as it possibly can for everyone, regardless of which console they prefer. Once our updates are in place, we’ll be able to solve technical problems more efficiently, deploy new content more rapidly, and we can start to implement some of our bigger, long-term plans for the game.

Second, Portland area game studio—and avid PIGSquad participant—PagodaWest Games is part of the team developing Sonic Mania, a 2D throwback to the classic days of Sonic designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game.

Just a couple of reminders that that culture of craft pervades everything around here.