Looking to test drive a few coworking spots? Workfrom these Portland spots

We’re definitely having a coworking renaissance around here. More awesome places to work seem to be popping up every day. But decisions, decisions, decisions. That’s why Portland startup Workfrom gives you the chance to be indecisive for awhile.

Workfrom already helps remote workers and digital nomads find great places to work, and to make it even easier, we’ve launched a VIP program that will give our free account members flexible, on-demand, and custom access to coworking spaces.

Initially launching in Portland, the program will provide members with three credits, each good for a free day of access to one of five top coworking spaces in the area: CENTRL Office, Forge Portland, The Professional Collective, NXT Industries: The Lab, and Hatch Lab PDX.

For more information, visit Workfrom.