Silicon Florist links arrangement for August 29, 2016

[Editor’s note: Back in the day—you know, when people used to actually blog—I would try to throw together link roundups to help share some of the stuff that other folks had written. Or maybe that I found super interesting but didn’t seem to fall within the “Portland tech startup” beat. I’m bringing this back for a limited time. Partially for old time’s sake. And partially because it seems needed.]

Once homeless, entrepreneur hopes to revolutionize the way renters find homes

“The entrepreneur bug comes out of necessity for most black people,” Poole said. “Either you can’t get employed or can’t get meaningful income, so you start your own hustle, which we call start your own business. For me, it was just that.”

Urban Airship: Setting our own course

On the heels of our seventh birthday, Airshippers around the world achieved the major milestone of delivering half a trillion notifications. Then they turned around to deliver 29 billion more in July alone — that’s up from 15B per month last fall.

Here are the big winners from 2016’s Pitch Black competition

The Portland competition featured 10 entrepreneurs — all of whom are black — pitching before a sold-out crowd of more than 200 people. The three startups were named the winners via a crowd vote.

women.vc: Diane Fraiman

Diane Fraiman serves as a Partner with Voyager and focuses on software and digital media investments in the Pacific Northwest, particularly Oregon. With over 30 years of technology company experience in leading marketing, strategy and business development, Diane works with startups in the enterprise software, Internet/mobile/social, and security software industries throughout the West Coast.

PBJ: 3 reasons why new FAA drone rules could help Oregon soar

While some questions still remain about the new Federal Aviation Administration rules on commercial drone flights, Oregon operators have long been ready for the edicts to take effect.

A reflection of seven years spent cycling in Portland.

I moved to Portland seven years ago this week. My decision was influenced in part by having been hit by a HVAC van while bike commuting home through a Boston suburb. It roughed me up but did not steal away my passion for riding.

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