Portland is getting even more Cozy

As much as I love to see activity in the Portland startup community, homegrown activity is my favorite. And when a company has relocated its headquarters to the Rose City to make it a hometown company…? Well, then their continued growth and success reflects well on the entire community. That’s why I’m really happy to share that Cozy continues to gain traction.

And today, they announced that not only are Cozy’s customers growing, but soon Cozy will be, too.

Funds will also help the company add to its 24-member team. The company is looking to hire its first data scientist and first product manager.

“We are sitting on a mountain of data that we currently aren’t utilizing,” Zahnd said. “We never had a product manager. We take a collaborative approach to product management but we are at a point that we have so many products and things going on we need someone that is focused on what product management means at Cozy.”

And what about that customer traction I mentioned? Well here’s how Cozy has fared, thus far.

To date, 250,000 landlords, property managers, and renters have signed up for Cozy, and there are now more than 100,000 Cozy-managed properties in 11,500 ZIP codes. We’re used everywhere; if the Cozy community were a Single Family REIT, we’d be the largest REIT in the country, two times over, in terms of properties managed.

Not bad. Not bad at all. And they’re just getting started.

For more information, read Our next step: Cozy Series B funding.