Silicon Florist links arrangement for September 19, 2016

Today’s links feature OEN award winner Tyrone Poole, black and latina women founders, Steve Case says Peter Thiel is wrong, and venture capital is one hell of a drug.

Tyrone Poole, founder of NoAppFee, wins Wyatt Starnes award for most promising Oregon entrepreneur

Tyrone Poole, whose Portland startup helps prospective tenants find housing, has won the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network’s annual Wyatt Starnes Memorial Award for the region’s most promising tech entrepreneur.

Looking for Black and Latina Women Founders? Well, We Found Them…

digitalundivided recently completed the application cycle for the BIG Accelerator Program, the first accelerator program for Black and Latina women founders of high growth companies (more on how we developed the accelerator to come). BIG is a 12-week accelerator program for startups led by Black and Latina women.

Peter Thiel is wrong about the cities spearheading startup success

And contrary to Thiel’s remarks, it’s a trend that I fully expect to continue. In my book, “The Third Wave,” I posit that we have entered a new era where entrepreneurs will disrupt entrenched industries like health care, energy, education, food and transportation. New centers of innovation will thrive as entrepreneurs seeking to disrupt those sectors head to places where those industry ecosystems (not to mention more reasonable real estate markets and modest overhead) exist. For example, the Midwest — with cities in close proximity to farmland — may be a better place from which to transform agriculture than Manhattan or San Francisco.

Venture capital is a hell of a drug

There has been a lot of money sloshing around the startup world for the past few years. Cheap and accessible capital has advantages: More founders get the opportunity to pursue big dreams and previously “unfundable companies” not only raise huge amounts of money, but some ultimately achieve unicorn status.

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