By founders, for founders: Founders United Network helps Portland founders help one another

One of my favorite things about founders is that they’re problem solvers. Problem solvers who don’t wait for permission. They just see stuff that’s broken. And they come up with creative ways to fix it. So it should come as no surprise that—given the dearth of early stage startup support in the Portland area as of late—that a founder is looking to solve that problem. Introducing Founders United Network.

As a group we’ve seen it all, because we’ve all been there. We know where the fire escapes are, the back doors, and the secret hatches. We know what is a waste of time and effort, and how to actually accomplish something with next to nothing. Because we’ve done it all, and have the scars to prove it.

Even more importantly, for others like us the doors are wide open and strings are nowhere to be found. We know that as a group we are more powerful. It’s not about competition, it’s about utilizing the skills, abilities, experience and knowledge of the group to harness our momentum as a whole. This is what will create astounding traction for everyone, not just individual start-ups.

This is a call to the Portland entrepreneur community to stop working in silos — raise your hand and step up to the plate with us through Founders United. Let’s help each other get what we need — from help and resources, to funding and more. And let’s start right now.

In her post, founder Genevieve LeMarchal calls for all active founders to provide details on what they’re building. And for interested investors to express their interest.

For more information, read Portland founders — it’s time to show up.