Give your video content more Visionn

In this day and age, we’ve all grown quite used to adding filters to our photos. Videos, though? Not so much. But that’s starting to change. And Portland based BeFunky has just released their own take on video filters—with Visionn, an app that allows folks to add filters to their videos in real time.

With the swipe of a finger, users can navigate through Visionn’s ten unique artistic filters, which range from graphic novel-esque to oil painting, sketch and more, each one having been handcrafted with BeFunky’s patented Art Engine. When paired with Visionn’s live preview capabilities, these one-of-a-kind filters make for the easiest way to animate videos and artistically render photos.

“With Visionn, we wanted to push the boundaries of artistic effects by making them faster and more unique than ever before,” said Tekin Tatar, CEO of BeFunky, in a press release. “We didn’t want our users waiting for filters to be applied or guessing how the final results will look. Instead, we give users the power to create something beautiful with these effects while still capturing life in the moment.

“Artistic effects are the foundation from which BeFunky was built and we’ve spent the last ten years perfecting them. Now that mobile devices are capable of high quality outputs, we’re excited to launch Visionn and bring these effects right to the palm of your hand.”

And just to make you feel right at home? Many of their filters are named after Portland neighborhoods.

For more information or to download the app, visit Visionn.