#everyonein: See how United Way is using startup thinking to address community issues

If there’s one consistent complaint about the world of tech startups, it’s that they sometimes focus on a problem that could be solved, rather than problems that should be solved. And that’s why I’m always happy to see folks using their powers for the greater good. Take #everyonein, a United Way collaboratory.

#everyoneIn is A United Way Collaboratory that is bringing together the non-profit, startup, tech, and design communities to co-create new, fund worthy solutions. Design process experts are guiding and facilitating community partners, tech and startup experts, and designers to imagine new ways to use the power of technology, social media and crowd sharing to address the unique challenges created by poverty for kids and families.

The teams have been hard at work on their concepts throughout the summer and fall. And now, they’re ready to give the public an inside look into what the #everyonein teams have been building.

You’re invited to join the four teams at the Ziba auditorium on November 10, 2016, at 3:00PM. The event is free.

But it’s more than watching folks pitch. You’ve got a role to play as well. Because they’ll be looking for your help to connect the teams to mentors and resources to help continue their progress.

Space is limited. So please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

[Full disclosure: I provided feedback on this program.]