If you're a startup founder, Oregon wants to help. What do you need?

Being a startup founder is difficult. Really really difficult. So I’m always happy when our community takes the opportunity to help founders. And I’m even happier when they ask those founders what they need. Instead of assuming they have the answers. That’s why I’m excited to see Oregon BEST asking startups founders—all Oregon startup founders—what kind of support they need.

The following survey is being conducted throughout the state of Oregon to identify the needs of entrepreneurs. The survey is open to all business owners and takes approximately 6 – 10 minutes to complete. Participants may skip any question they prefer not to answer.

Collected data will be used by Oregon BEST to better understand and serve the needs of entrepreneurs across the state of Oregon. Participants can be assured of complete confidentiality. Data will be reported only in the aggregate and no individual will be publicly identified.

You’ve got it hard enough. Why not take a few minutes and give some folks some guidance on how they can help…? I mean, you got a whole extra hour, today. Didn’t you?

Complete the Oregon entrepreneur survey.