This Little Bird is going to fly away… to Sprinklr

Portland does a great job of building acquirable companies. Because we have an incredible knack for finding gaps and building solutions that bridge those gaps. We’re Bridgetown. What would you expect? So when an awesome Portland company like Little Bird becomes that bridging component for a company like Sprinklr, it’s something to be celebrated.

Following is a sampling of publications that have covered the news.

Sprinklr Acquires Little Bird – Helping Brands Improve Influencer Marketing and Customer Experience

Little Bird’s technology brings direct value to these functions and others by analyzing individual connections across the social web to identify influencers who can galvanize word-of-mouth marketing; build communities to support a wider set of customers; and accelerate the discovery of trends.

Portland’s Little Bird sold to Sprinklr

Kirkpatrick was a former technology blogger and started Little Bird based a tool he used in his reporting days to find sources. Little Bird’s technology allows marketers to find “influencers” on social media channels to better engage with communities or around a product. The company participated in the Portland Incubator Experiment accelerator in 2012. It graduated that program with a $1 million funding round led by Dallas Mavericks owner and investor Mark Cuban.

Sprinklr acquires Little Bird, a tool for finding experts on anything via Twitter

Little Bird was founded in 2011 to help researchers quickly find the top experts and influencers on any given subject via Twitter. It raised from Mark Cuban, Jason Calacanis, Oregon Angel Fund and other individual investors $4.8 million in venture capital to build its analytics platform.

Sprinklr Acquires Startup to Help It Match Social Influencers With Brands

The New York-based company is bringing Portland-based Little Bird into its social nest. The company analyzes contextual information and social content to match influencers with brands. (In a statement today, Sprinklr cited a report from eMarketer, which found that 75 percent of marketers say pairing influencers with brands is one of their biggest challenges.)

Little Bird, Portland marketing tech company, sells to New York-based Sprinklr

Founded in 2011 by longtime tech journalist Marshall Kirkpatrick, Little Bird mined Twitter and other social networks to find the most influential people on various topics and help marketers tailor their promotional campaigns and product launches to reach that audience.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more information, read Little Bird’s post.

[Full disclosure: Marshall Kirkpatrick is my former boss at Read Write Web, now Read Write, and Little Bird is an alum of PIE, a company I cofounded.]