Need a new podcast? Check out New School VR

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of what’s happening in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Portland. It seems to be the perfect mixture of Portland curiosity, creativity, and coding. The only thing holding it back at this point is more folks covering the space. That’s why I’m happy to see the New School VR podcast becoming, ahem, a reality.

New School VR is a show about learning technologies so powerful, they transcend the limits of reality itself. Imagine atoms the size of your house, or billion-star galaxies at living room scale. To our eyes and ears, these visions are real, and the implications for the future of learning are beyond imagination.

For under a hundred bucks today, we can own and embrace what took a century of research and trillions of dollars to invent. Virtual worlds in the palms of our hands. Profound learning opportunities opening up to every parent, teacher and student, all over the world. History, geography, mathematics, science, the arts, athletics and beyond, all areas of study and professional development can and will be enhanced through virtual and augmented experiences.

First up, appropriately, is one of the points of inspiration for the podcast, Shawn Daley of Concordia University.