Keeping your New Year's visualizations: Reflect allows you to reflect upon your 2016 Github efforts

It stands to reason that a company called Reflect would have something for you this time of year. You know, to reflect. On where you’ve been. And what you did. And for the tech crowd, what better dataset upon which to reflect than your performance on Github over the last year? Introducing your Github Report Card.

Over the last year, our engineers have all been working hard on making Reflect into a great product for our customers. As with any highly productive engineering team, some healthy competition emerged and the idea for a friendly ranking system was born. With this idea in mind, our engineering team created the GitHub Report Card.

After having lots of fun internally with the GitHub Report Card, we thought it’d be interesting to release our creation to every GitHub user. Simply login with your GitHub account and visualize your year of contributions, collaborators, and productivity.

Here’s a glimpse at how mine looks. (And I’m sure you were far more active than I was, so yours will be even more interesting.)


(And here’s a quick look at the whole thing.)

For more information or to visualize your own activity, visit the Reflect Github Report Card.