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Keeping your New Year's visualizations: Reflect allows you to reflect upon your 2016 Github efforts

It stands to reason that a company called Reflect would have something for you this time of year. You know, to reflect. On where you’ve been. And what you did. And for the tech crowd, what better dataset upon which to reflect than your performance on Github over the last year? Introducing your Github Report Card. Read More

I’ve been letting you down, Portland

It’s a new year. Time to reflect. To reminisce. But also to look ahead. And to think about doing things a little differently. Better even.

With all of this reflection, one thing has become amazingly clear to me: I’m letting you down.

You see, I’ve got this massive list of interesting things that have happened in the Portland startup scene. A “to be posted” sort of list. Problem is, that list keeps getting longer and longer and longer. Read More