Simply secure: Portland startup BrightWork releases user authentication features

Those times when you’re struck by that moment of inspiration. That “What if…?” sort of epiphany. Those times that cause you to scramble for a notebook or a keyboard to start roughing out that perfect app. At those times, unless you’re among a very select group of folks, I’d venture a guess that one of the last things on your mind is “I wonder what the particular security and privacy implications of this concept are?”

But at some point you’re going to get there. And that can really cause some consternation—especially for less experienced developers. That’s why Techstars alum BrightWork is working to simplify that process for you. With BrightWork Security.

BrightWork security allows developers to secure their application data and endpoints using role based access control policies. While more can be done to secure an application, such as two factor authentication (2FA). BrightWork security adds the foundational feature(s) developers need to ensure their applications and data stay safe and secure. These settings can give each user of the application a customized experience in which their access is either widened or limited based on the role based policies the developer has setup for the application.

For more, read the BrightWork blog post on the release or dive right into the docs.

[Full disclosure: I am an advisor for BrightWork. But please don’t hold that against them.]