Getting back to the roots of "story" with Google BrandLab and Uncorked Studios

Many folks are lucky to get to work in awe inspiring environments. Here in Portland, there’s no shortage of amazing office spaces—and more are joining the fray every day. But lest we forget, a lot of those amazing environments are the result of hours of creative work by folks behind the scenes.

Like Portland’s Uncorked Studios, for example. Who just shared some of the thinking behind an environment they created with Google BrandLab. It’s an installation that elegantly melds the digital and physical worlds around the concept of “story.”

Telling a New Story with Google BrandLab from Uncorked Studios on Vimeo.

Derived from the Latin “historia,” meaning “a history, an account, or tale,” the word “story” has architectural roots indicating that a building has been decorated with scenes from history. Though the common architectural usage didn’t come into play until the 1400s, looking at the carved friezes that run across the tops of Greek temples recounting myths, battles, or laws; the foundation of the phrase “one story” is clear: the architects were literally telling stories through their buildings.

For more on the thinking behind the piece, visit “Telling a New Story” at Uncorked Studios.