Feeling California

It’s not just you. There’s a definite shift in the feel of Portland, as of late. It’s definitely feeling a little more California. And a lot more Bay Area. And there’s a reason. Apparently, Portland is doing more than its fair share of importing both people and money from the Golden State.

When people leave the Bay Area, where do they go?

It seems ex-San Franciscans are seeking out a political climate and a food scene that feel close to home (without the sky-high rent prices). LinkedIn found that the Bay Area lost the most residents to Portland, Ore. in the past 12 months.

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Life beyond Silicon Valley: The 20 US cities that attract the most Bay Area investment

The New York City metro area sits at No. 1, with 1,608 VC deals completed between 2010 to 2016 that had Bay Area participation. There’s a pretty stark drop off to the next metro area, Boston, which saw 879 deals. LA came in a close third, followed by Seattle with 466 rounds.

Other notables: Washington, DC, claimed the eighth spot and Portland, OR, rounded out the top 10.

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h/t Malia Spencer