Help your entire family feel more secure online with Hueya

I know any number of us have expressed concerns about the increasingly deteriorating state of privacy and security online. And as it continues, we’re all looking for ways to protect ourselves. But it’s confusing. And difficult.

And if it’s difficult for us tech types to figure out how to best protect ourselves, it’s even more exacerbating for folks—tech type or otherwise—to figure out how to protect their kids. That’s why Bend’s Hueya has released a solution with the entire family in mind.

We know it isn’t easy being a parent. Keeping kids safe is a 24/7/365 job. We also realize it isn’t easy being a kid. They need our protection, sure, but there is also much to gain from engaging them in the process. Online privacy is only going to get more complex in the coming decades, so developing healthy privacy habits now is more important than ever. It’s a gift we as parents can give our children while they are young, and Hueya can help.

What’s Hueya do? Well, it does a few things. But most notably, it helps folks protect their accounts from cybercrime—before it happens.

Hueya includes features like:

  • Family Dashboard: entire family’s digital health located in one place
  • Social Magnetism: watch for volatility within a family’s digital world
  • Situational Awareness: watch for digital behavior which puts family at risk

It comes in two flavors, family and personal. Hueya Family is available for a subscription of $19.99 per month. Individual accounts are available for $9.99 per month.

For more information, visit Hueya.