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ConductorOne is the newest local player in identity management and security

For a while, I thought fintech was going to be the dominant industry in the Portland startup community. Now, I’m beginning to think that it may be identity management. And news like the reveal of new Portland startup ConductorOne only strengthens that opinion.

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A new name and some new money to help introduce it: Meet DeepSurface (formerly Kanchil)

I’ve been tracking on a Portland startup called Kanchil for a bit. Mostly because they’ve posted opening to the Silicon Florist job board. It seemed pretty stealthy at the time, so I was reticent to post much about it. But now, they have a new name and some new funding. And other people are writing about it. So now I feel more comfortable encouraging you to take a look at DeepSurface.

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Winklevoss crypto play, Gemini, is ramping up hiring in Portland

Like many shiny new tech objects, Portland was drawn into crypto early. From experimentation with the Blockchain to Dogecoin. And then, as is our particular wont, we seemed to grow bored of that exploration before it truly matured into a market. But not everyone moved on so quickly. Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange backed by the Winklevoss twins, has quietly had an ongoing presence here for years. And now, it looks like they’re ramping up to grow that footprint.

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Another week, another Portland startup acquisition. This one for nearly half a billion dollars. All in cash.

There has been a recent spate of acquisitions here in Portland. Some Portland companies acquiring. Some Portland companies getting acquired. This is one of the latter. With recent Portland transplant Twistlock getting acquired for $410 million.

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From events to signature craft brews, there’s a whole bunch mo’ Mozilla and Firefox around Portland, lately

While Mozilla has been part of the Portland tech community for more than a decade, they didn’t officially open an office here—their first US office outside of Silicon Valley—until five years ago. But with ever growing concerns about privacy and security on the Web, Mozilla has recently started making a lot more noise about their presence in the Rose City—and their Firefox Web browser.

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Help your entire family feel more secure online with Hueya

I know any number of us have expressed concerns about the increasingly deteriorating state of privacy and security online. And as it continues, we’re all looking for ways to protect ourselves. But it’s confusing. And difficult.

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PSA: Your one to-do this weekend is installing a VPN on your devices

Now, unless you’ve been completely off the grid this week, you’ve no doubt heard rumblings of legislation that flew through congress that basically strips away any privacy about your browsing history. What’s more, it allows your ISP to sell that browsing history to the highest bidder to use however they see fit.

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Keeping the baggage handlers on the tarmac: TSAzr gives you all the TSA info you need for security checkpoints at every airport

anyone with an iPhone or iPad can record their experience with the TSA, good or bad, and we’ll all benefit from the shared reviews. Meet TSAzr.

If there’s one government entity that people love to hate, it’s the IRS. Wait. I mean, if there’s another government entity that people love to hate, it’s the Transportation Security Administration—affectionately known as the TSA. From travel delays to inappropriate searches to just general ineffectiveness, it seems that everyone has a gripe or two about the people in charge of keeping our airports secure.

Well now—thanks to Vancouver’s Elguji Software—anyone with an iPhone or iPad can record their experience with the TSA, good or bad, and we’ll all benefit from the shared reviews. Meet TSAzr. Read More

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