Finally some good news for renters in Portland: Cozy simplifies rent payments for anyone

I know. I know. Housing prices and rent costs are an ever increasing subject of contention around these parts. And with good reason. It’s just crazy. So you’ll have to forgive me if—with my Rose City colored glasses—I’m grasping for any bright spot in the conversation. But I found one. With Portland startup Cozy.

While none of us have found a way to curb the ever rising costs of rent around here, at least Cozy has figured out a way to simplify paying your rent. And it works for anyone. Whether your landlord uses Cozy or not.

Once you’re set up, your landlord can sign up to receive your rent via an electronic deposit. Otherwise, we’ll mail your landlord a check drawn against your checking account. If your landlord opts for electronic deposits, you can start paying with your debit or credit card.

Either way, we’ll take care of paying your landlord every single month.

Without mincing words, this is awesome. One of the consistent challenges with marketplace startups is getting both parties to the table. By circumventing the need for one of those parties to be at the table? That’s magic. So I’m really psyched to see Cozy offering this up.

If you’re a renter, you should check this out. If you’re a landlord, why aren’t you using Cozy already?