What are the potential ramifications of having your source code stolen?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Panic is one of the most amazing software companies Portland has ever created. But even amazing companies have their share of bad luck. Like recently, when Panic discovered that someone had managed to maliciously steal a good chunk of their source code.

But in typical Panic fashion, they managed to make even this spate of bad luck into something awesome. By being completely transparent about what happened. And by reflecting on what impact the theft would truly have on the company and their products.

When the dust settled, we sat down for a company all-hands meeting, and the conclusion was a little different than I originally expected.

Someone has a bunch of our source code. But does it really matter?

Software developer or not, it’s well worth the read. If only to appreciate how they’re handling the situation.

Read The Case of the Stolen Source Code.