So nice to see Portland spinoffs happening again

There was a time when large tech companies would regularly spinoff smaller startups—or at the very least inspire would be entrepreneurs to bail and start something new. You know, kind of like Happy Days spawned Laverne & Shirley and Mork & Mindy. But then something changed. Corporations became more comfortable with multiple disparate product lines—and the revenue that came with them. So spinoff activity slowed. Now, it seems like that trend may be reversing.

I just posted about Tozny, a spinoff of Galois. Late last year, Radar got a ton of press as it spun out of ID Experts. And now, another effort has been incubated in a larger organization before being released to the wild. Meet Cayuse.

Cayuse and Evisions, which provides software to higher education clients for use in enterprise reporting, form management, data transformation and payment processing, merged in 2012 to unify technology offerings across university operations. Re-emerging as an independent company allows Cayuse to focus specifically on core competencies surrounding academic and research environments. The organization will continue to operate out of its Portland office.

“Cayuse is committed to supporting the pursuit of research and discovery,” said Matt McLellan, president and CEO at Cayuse. “We’re ready to focus on our core mission and further contribute to the Portland area’s increasing role as a tech hub. This new phase will enable us to explore new opportunities for growth in the rapidly evolving academic and research environment.”

For more information, visit Cayuse.