Another week, another Starve Ups alum acquired: Manage My Co-op exits

One of my favorite things about Portland’s original startup scalerator, Starve Ups, is their laser focus on helping founders successfully exit from their companies. Why? Well among other things, it’s the only way we’re going to generate enough wealth to create a truly self sustaining startup ecosystem. So following fast on the news of Starve Ups alum SpaceView’s acquisition, I’m happy to reveal that another Starve Ups alum—and RAIN Eugene alum—has exited, Manage My Co-op.

[Manage My Co-op] created a platform that is now the premier software solution for families and organizations around the country to manage bulk wholesale purchases of local, healthy, and organic foods and home goods. They save their customers time and money, and ultimately help resolve the hurdles with rural food deserts.

Manage My Co-op, which was a co-founding membership company of the Starve Ups Eugene Chapter, has now been fully acquired for a positive return to shareholders and the founders are starting their next startup.

The company was acquired by Czarena Krell owner of Flock, Stalk, and Baby, the Eugene co-op co-op. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more on the company, visit Manage My Co-op.