Managing events is difficult. And Portland’s pseudo RSVP culture only exacerbates that difficulty.

As much as I love Portland and our startup community, I’ve got to admit that it has some flaws. It happens. It can’t be perfect. It’s got foibles. And things that are downright broken. We’re actively working to fix some of those flaws. But there’s one particular flaw that I often fear is beyond repair. One that rears its head more often than any other—and creates a crazy amount of stress and heartache for every single local event organizer to whom I’ve spoken.

That infuriating flaw? Portland’s whole “If I RSVP, it means I’m interested, not that I’m actually going to show up” culture.

I get it. I’m busy too. And I’m equally guilty.

I have the best intentions. And I really want you to know that I like what you’re doing. And I want you to keep creating amazing events. And I kinda think I might want to show up. Probably. Maybe. So I’ll just RSVP. Making you think I’m showing up. When I’m not. I mean, I might. But let’s be honest… I probably won’t. So I’ll RSVP. And likely not show.

I’ve done it innumerable times. (As have you, no doubt.) And I’ve fallen victim to it innumerable times.

And that’s probably why Matthew Oliphant’s Twitter rant about shutting down RefreshPDX really hit close to home. Like in a cringe inducing way. So I thought it was worth sharing. (Please click on the tweet below or the link above to read the entire thread.)