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Concerned about keeping company culture in our new fully remote work world? Portland startup ChatFox wants to help

In an instant, every company became a remote company. Regardless of culture. Regardless of market. Everyone who managed to survive the instantaneous and cataclysmic downturn was suddenly working from home. And juggling any number of duties in addition to their day job. And just as suddenly, things that used to require a personal touch simply couldn’t.

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REMINDER: Colorways kicks (ahem) off this week. Get started with Black Signal at Deadstock, Wednesday.

There’s so much sneaker culture in Portland, one sneaker focused week won’t do. That’s why there’s Colorways, a celebration of streetwear culture and the sneaker community, taking place July 4-7, 2019. And like every other Portland celebration, it takes place at a bunch of different spots around town.

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A lean canvas for understanding your startup’s culture

By now, you’ve likely encountered the lean business canvas. It’s single page worksheet that helps folks build a high level business plan for their startup. Alternatively, its’a quick and easy way figure out that your idea for a company has no chance of succeeding as a business. Either way, it’s a useful framework. So if you can use that formate to help understand your business, what if it a similar worksheet could help you understand the culture of your business? Enter The Praxis Department and the Startup Culture Canvas.

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Managing events is difficult. And Portland’s pseudo RSVP culture only exacerbates that difficulty.

As much as I love Portland and our startup community, I’ve got to admit that it has some flaws. It happens. It can’t be perfect. It’s got foibles. And things that are downright broken. We’re actively working to fix some of those flaws. But there’s one particular flaw that I often fear is beyond repair. One that rears its head more often than any other—and creates a crazy amount of stress and heartache for every single local event organizer to whom I’ve spoken.

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Space cadets: How space can help foster a great company culture

As startups move from their respective kitchen tables, coffeeshops into coworking spaces and private offices, figuring out what to do with the suddenly very personal work environment—and how that office reflects the intended culture of the startup—can be a challenge. So learning from those who have been there and done that can be super valuable. Read More

Portland culture club: FMYI uses its powers for good

[Editor: We continue our series, hearing about what makes culture at Portland companies unique—directly from their employees. This time around it’s one of Portland’s leading B Corps, FMYI.] Read More

Portland culture club: Switchboard is about community

[Editor: Part of our ongoing series about company culture, written by employees of the company. AppNexus—who is building a regional office in Portland—kicked it off. Next up is Portland startup Switchboard. Sound like an awesome place to work? Switchboard is hiring.] Read More

Portland culture club: What cultural aspects make working at AppNexus a unique experience?

[Editor: Given that “finding talent” is at the top of everyone’s collective mind, I thought it might be helpful to give you some insights into the cultures of Portland’s startups and regional offices. So they can show how they’re unique. And you can decide where you want to work. This is going to be a running series. Written by employees. From their perspectives.] Read More

How do you attract and keep talent with cool office space in Portland?

[Editor: Culture is always a key component of attracting and retaining talent. And one of the physical representations of a company’s culture can often be the space it inhabits. Here are some ideas from Ajay Malhotra on how to think about using workspace more effectively.] Read More

Four day work week? Something tells me Treehouse is going to fit right in

Last week, Treehouse announced that they had landed $4.75 million in funding and revealed that they were relocating their corporate headquarters to Portland.

That was big news, last week. This week? It’s that Treehouse has built a successful business working a four day week. Read More

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