What is the state of Portland’s urban manufacturing?

No doubt you’ve heard Portland has this “Maker” thing going for it. No. It’s true. It’s a thing. I swear. People make stuff here. Sometimes they make stuff out of stuff that’s been stuff before. Sometimes they make it from scratch. And sometimes they print it on machines that print stuff.

And quite often the term “maker” is attributed to folks who are creating small batches or one offs of their amazing products. Sometimes for fun. And sometimes for profit. Sometimes those things are edible. Sometimes they’re wearable. Sometimes they’re rideable. And sometimes they’re just pieces of other things people are making.

But fact of the matter is, Portland’s makers are widespread and diverse, spanning the range from hobbyist to massive manufacturers making stuff in town. And that heritage of making a variety of things in an urban environment is as unique and special as any of it.

That’s why Portland State University, Prosper Portland, and the Urban Manufacturing Alliance are working to get a handle on how a growing and changing Portland is affecting our makers and manufacturers. By surveying folks about the current state of urban manufacturing in Portland.

We need your help to understand what it’s like to be a manufacturer in Portland, manufacturing’s importance to the city, and how policymakers can support your work. We know that manufacturing is a key part of our city’s economy and we need your help making the case for the value of the sector…

The data might also help policymakers adjust zoning, business incentives, and training programs so that they support the everyday realities of your business.

So please tear yourself away from what you’re building, grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage, and take a few minutes to walk through the survey. Not only could it help you, it could help your peers and future makers in the Rose City.

For more information, visit Portland State of Urban Manufacturing.