Finish line for Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator applications is fast approaching

There once was a time when Portland was home to a bevy of incubators and accelerators. And during those times, it seemed that there was always some deadline or another looming. Now that there are fewer organizations looking for startup applications, however, it can be easy to forget those deadlines. It’s okay. I’ll remind you.

Like this one: the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator. Which has an application period closing, this week.


Not familiar with the JLR Tech Incubator? Here. This may help.

We aren’t just associated with Jaguar Land Rover, we are Jaguar Land Rover. As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering division we have direct engagement with key decision makers, as well as a straight path to integration of startups’ technology and products into our vehicle environment, providing the ability to demonstrate a fully functional proof of concept.

Companies in our program receive a range of benefits during their six-month residency including investment, engagement with key decision makers, support from Jaguar Land Rover’s global and on-site design and engineering teams, strategic guidance from our Incubator staff and mentor network, access to our engineering fleet of vehicles, and designated workspace in our Portland, Oregon, office.

Pretty cool, right? Cool. Then get to work.

To apply, head over to the JLR Tech Incubator application.