Renter’s insurance helps renters get even more Cozy

It’s a challenge to come up with any good news about the rental market, these days. But leave it to Portland startup Cozy to provide a bright spot. Now, in addition to its other services that ease the stress of being a landlord or a renter, Cozy can help you secure renter’s insurance—or verify it, if you’re a landlord.

Most landlords require renters insurance in their leases. But there hasn’t been an easy way for landlords to reliably verify if renters have a current policy. With Cozy, they can.

When renters get a policy through Cozy, landlords can verify they have coverage for the entire term of a lease. That means landlords who require renters insurance now have a simple way to ensure their renters are covered in real time.

For more information or to sign up, visit Cozy.