How would you make the Portland startup community better?

After 10 years, I’m doubling down on my efforts to help make the Portland startup community even better and more awesome than it already is. But let’s be honest. I’m not really the most creative person. So rather than me try to guess what all of the problems or opportunities with our community are, I thought it would be wise to get your input and insights. And so did Built Oregon and PIE.

Why you? Because you’re in the trenches. And you experience things differently than I do. You’re seeing the possibilities. And—more likely than not—you’re getting more frustrated by stuff that should be happening. Or stuff that is happening but shouldn’t be happening. Or stuff that you would make happen if only you had more time and support.

And you’re not alone. There are all sorts of folks going through all sorts of challenges, experiencing all sorts of frustrations, and recognizing all sorts of opportunities. And they’ve each got a unique perspective. So it would be good to hear from all of you.

I know you’re busy. And swamped. And overwhelmed. So I don’t ask this lightly. But I would greatly appreciate it if you were to take a few minutes to go through this survey and provide your feedback on the Portland startup community. Thanks in advance for making the time.

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provide your feedback on the Portland startup community

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