What’s a little competition among friends? Notch helps you keep track

In this day and age, the concept of “keeping score” pervades practically every facet of our online lives. From video games to social media followers. But what about keeping score in the real world? Or with board games? Or with overly competitive friends who don’t seem to ever remember that you have handed them far more than their fair share of defeat on a regular basis? Well, now there’s a way to keep track. Meet Notch.

Notch is an app for the love of competition. It lets you share victories and track your player stats. Whether you play board games, cards, sports, or if you make-up your own games, record every match with Notch. Start keeping track of your matches, stats, and standings with friends.

The iOS app, created by the folks at Scribble Tone is available for free.

For more information or to download, visit Notch. And if you like what you see, consider tossing Notch an upvote on Product Hunt.