Think you’ve got an innovative startup? Portland Business Journal wants to hear about it

Part of the challenge of running a startup is making sure that people — potential customer, mentors, employees — now about it. And there’s no better way to put your company on the map than to win an award. Even if you nominate yourself. So why not take a few minutes to throw your hat in the ring for the Portland Business Journal Small Business Innovation Awards 2017?

Nominate your company for its innovative product or outstanding service and we will honor your hard work! Tell us what your small business has done to shape the big future!

The award is open to companies of less than 100 people. Award categories include innovation, design, industry impact, revenue growth, and a compelling product or service offering. There will also be awards for the startup of the year. Applications are due September 15, 2017.

For more information or to apply, visit Portland Business Journal Small Business Innovation Awards 2017.