It’s like a Skype call… but with holograms: Object Theory releases Prism for Microsoft HoloLens

We’ve been salivating, virtually, at the potential for alternative realities—be they virtual, augmented, or mixed—for years now. But for all of that anticipation, there has been little to show. Part of this is due to the newness of the platforms and hardware and the challenge of creating palpable experiences in those environments. That’s why it’s nice to see things like Prism from Portland’s Object Theory which truly begin to demonstrate the potential of the medium.

Prism by Object Theory is a HoloLens application that allows participants anywhere in the world to have a shared experience to discuss three dimensional objects and environments in true 3D.…

Prism by Object Theory is a limited version that allows up to four participants per session and includes two demo experiences – designing a modern house and planning a mountain hike on Mount Hood.

But what’s that mean? Well, it means something like this:


“Prism provides HoloLens users around the world with the opportunity to connect and collaborate with holographic objects and environments in their real world,” said Michael Hoffman, Founding Partner, Object Theory. “We’ve been working on our Mixed Reality Collaboration Service for two years, and after deploying it successfully for several client projects, we felt it was the right time to release a free application on the Windows Store that demonstrates to HoloLens users the power of collaborative computing.”

And all it takes is a Microsoft HoloLens to try it out. Well, and some other holograms to hang out with.

For more on this release, visit Object Theory Prism.