Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Angela Riggs

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A former teacher and recovering Floridian, Angela transitioned to the tech field in 2015 after completing a local JavaScript bootcamp. She interned with Metal Toad for six months, becoming an invaluable part of her team and the company. Inspired by her joyful laugh and thoughtful determination, Metal Toad hired her as a full-time QA Engineer in 2016.

As a QA Engineer for two Agile teams, she focuses on finding a balance between client and developer needs, ensuring everyone has what they need to be successful. Angela combines her academic curiosity with a team-first attitude, and her attention to detail in all parts of the QA process are unmatched.

What are you up to?

One of Metal Toad’s big initiatives for 2018 is to build out our QA department. We want to strengthen our processes and work on our integration within the engineering department as a whole. I’m really excited for the opportunity to have a lot of ownership over creating (and achieving!) goals for that. I’m partnering with our Client Services and Design teams on how the service of quality assurance is presented to clients.

Recently, I’ve also been working on enhancing our Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment workflows, which is both fun and educational. There’s such a range of new tools and and skills to tackle!

On the personal side, I just got back from Iceland! I’m looking forward to going through my photos and writing from the trip, especially now that Portland’s winter weather is setting in.

Why Portland?

I’m from Florida – enough said, right?

I moved out here during the heatwave of 2013, and spent my first summer urban foraging around the neighborhood! I love the range of restaurants and bars out here, although my go-to for a relaxing end-of-week drink is Grain & Gristle.

Portland felt like home from the first time I visited in 2012, and I’m trying to be better about understanding its roots and getting more involved in the community; like working with Impact NW to assemble kits for distributing to some of our homeless community members.


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