Need mentorship to move from tech skilled to tech employable? LaunchCode can help

Even with all of the amazing code schools—both online and in person—there’s still a significant gap between being proficient in software development and employable in software development. But where are folks supposed to get the guidance and experience they need to close the gap? That’s what LaunchCode is working to do with its Liftoff: All-In<tech> initiative.

Liftoff: All-In<tech> is a targeted program for candidates in the Portland and Seattle areas from traditionally marginalized groups with existing tech skills. Students are selected through an application process and, once selected, can enroll in the program at no cost. Our experienced mentors and teaching fellows will teach you material focused on what local hiring managers are asking for, customized for your needs over three months of programming plus three months of ongoing support.

For more information or to apply, visit LaunchCode Liftoff: All-In<tech>.