Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Nick Mendez

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Nick Mendez is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and experienced content marketing professional living in Northeast Portland. He went to journalism school during newspapers’ twilight era, and his nonfiction work has been published by The Boston Globe, Tastemakers Magazine, The Huntington News, and CNN.

Primarily a documentary and street photographer, he’s had the privilege to visit locales including Damascus, Cairo, Nashville, Antigua, The Golan Heights, Seattle, Boston, and Los Angeles.

He wrote and photographed the short comedy ‘Check It Out!’ in 2016, and in 2017 he produced ‘Lez Stand Up The Movie’ starring Kirsten Kuppenbender, Laura Anne Whitley, and Caitlin Weierhauser (collectively awarded Portland’s Best Comedy Night for two years running).

Nick was Mathys+Potestio’s fifth employee and served as their sole marketing professional for four years, publishing features including an interview with AIGA National Board Member Agustín Garza, an insightful guide to working across generations, a profile of Portland design pioneer Marilyn Holsinger, a short fiction series chronicling one copywriter’s job search, and a write-in advice column.

During his time at M+P, the company expanded into two new markets, their monthly web traffic tripled, and their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn audiences grew by 225%, 198%, and 1077%, respectively.

What are you up to?

This summer, I produced a digital art and literature magazine called Bad Futurist, featuring original fiction, poetry, essays, and artwork. Nick Bachan assists with editing and Nikki Clark is responsible for its design direction.

You can subscribe for free at future.repair and Issue 01 will be delivered straight to your inbox.

I’m also working on a freelance basis, offering expertise in content strategy, social media marketing, photo and video production, SEO optimization, copy editing, web development, and CMS administration.

Why Portland?

There’s so much potential here to build connected, inclusive communities. Oregon is a fascinating place with a long history of serving white supremacist interests, and a modern reputation as a stalwart of progressive policy. I am working every day to build collaborative relationships, contextualize our history together with our reputation, and help make Portland a place where everyone can realize their potential.

Plus, there’s so much good food to eat! Shout outs to Pambiche, Thai Champa, The Sudra, Nicholas, Kachka, Mee-Sen, Korita Sabor Casera Pupuseria, Du’s–I could go on all day.


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