Counting the hours: Tali leverages Alexa to keep track of time

If you’ve ever worked in a services industry—like law, design, or consulting, for example—you know that keeping track of your hours can be the very lifeblood of your business. But it can also be a complete pain. Wouldn’t it be great if keeping track of time were as easy as talking about it? Now, it is. With Tali.

Our public launch is here, which allows you to use Tali as a standalone application through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Tali also integrates with Clio, a cloud-based legal practice management solution. But we aren’t stopping there!

Through the end of this year, we’ll be working on other ways you can capture data with Tali. We are currently experimenting with other voice and text conversational platforms. We also have a slew of third-party integrations planned, including other legal practice management platforms and several small business general invoicing and billing solutions.

For more information, read the Portland Business Journal article or the Tali blog. To try it for yourself, visit Tali.