Hello, Portland startup community! I’m Aaron Thompson

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A father and passionate sports fan, Aaron loves live sports and music. Everything from the Blazers to the Timbers… Jazz, Blues, and even Electronic Dance Music. Aaron loves to be out with friends, family and have a good time. Positivity and happiness are his latest passion projects, even working with the #PositivePropaganda group to bring a little sunshine into strangers lives.

What are you up to?

After years in the Portland tech scene across various disciplines from technical to relational, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my career to Customer Success.

To that end, I created “Leading Customer Success,” a peer group that spans the West Coast. I love bringing people together to make “The Best CS In The US,” and I’m proud to say our group has a variety of participants from large to small companies involved.

I also co-organize a monthly Customer Success Manager MeetUp called PDX CS. And I am the founder of Portland Customer Success, the first CS focused consultancy in Portland.

Why Portland?

Growing up here, I never expected to end up here. I always hated the rain and winter and, as such, travelled as much as I could in my early career to find that next great city. Except… there isn’t one. The more I travelled, the more I loved Portland and started to realize how special this place is. From the generous and kind people in such a cosmopolitan city to the beach to the Gorge—I love it all.


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