All I want for [insert your preferred year-end celebration] is a new job (or a new employee) in Portland, Oregon

As the end of 2017 approaches, it’s only natural to be thinking about the new year. And new opportunities. For some folks, that may be considering a new role, a new job, or a new town. For others, it may be seeking some new employees. Or a cofounder. Whatever the case, so long as it’s in Portland or nearby, the Silicon Florist job board has got something for you.

What’s that? You’re looking for employees instead of jobs? I get it. Well, do you want to post a new job like those awesome companies above? Cool. Because then you’ll be awesome, too. Plus, you’ll be saving money. Because you’re getting 50% off as many job postings as you like. Just use the discount code “Bye, Felicia”… Oh wait. I mean “bye2017” at checkout. But you have to act fast, because when we ring in the new year, we’ll kiss this discount code goodbye. And probably write the wrong year on checks and stuff too.

Whatever the case, please take a few moments to peruse or post on the Silicon Florist job board. And happy holidays to you, yours, and your new gig or new employees.