‘Tis the season: Portland startup Cozy shares their 2017 accomplishments

As much as I love Portland, I have to admit that, generally, we do a fairly poor job of tracking metrics or outcomes. I mean, we talk. A lot. And we have tons of anecdotal evidence. Or the feeling that stuff is happening. But metrics? Not so much. That’s why it’s really nice to see Cozy providing some insights into what they accomplished in 2017.

Our business and revenue grew 125% this year, as we happily welcomed 380,000 new landlords and renters to Cozy. We passed a huge payment milestone and are now processing more than $1 billion a year in payments.

For more on their accomplishments, see the Cozy year in review for 2017.

(Psst! Why can’t you be more like Cozy? Oh. What’s that? You published your own year-end review? Well drop me a link and I’ll promote it for you.)