Veteran with startup questions? Patriot Boot Camp’s CEO has some answers

[Editor: The following is a guest post by Josh Carter, interim CEO of Patriot Boot Camp.]

In Portland, and in Oregon as a whole, we have a wonderful veteran community. It is filled with many people who have served our country proudly and have come back to figure out how to make a bigger impact through entrepreneurship. All of this is made even more special when you add how collaborative the area tech community is for founders. It is the thing that separates Portland from other markets along the west coast.

However, for the past few years it seems as though the amount of new founders and startups has fallen flat. You can say it’s because the economy is good which is keeping new entrepreneurs in the workforce rather than creating new companies. Or you might say it’s because of a broad pull back in early stage and seed investment for new startups.

Whatever the reason, I felt compelled to do my part to add my assistance to new founders who are looking to scale their startups through various programs throughout the country. As such, I am holding virtual office hours to answer questions about fundraising, finding a co-founder, product development, or just general information about the Patriot Boot Camp program, which I help lead.

So if you are a new founder, someone thinking about starting a company, or just curious about how Patriot Boot Camp is helping military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs, feel free to sign up for a slot. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I will help you find the resources you are looking for.

Josh is the interim CEO of Patriot Boot Camp, a 501(c)(3)non-profit on a mission to assemble and activate an inclusive community that advances veterans and military spouses in their mission to become creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs leading the new economy. A Patriot Boot Camp alumnus himself, Josh was brought in to help expand partnerships, build better community engagement tools, and advocate for our incredible community.