Portland’s oldest startup accelerator, Starve Ups, announces 19th class of companies

Like many amazing Portland companies, Starve Ups keeps a relatively low profile that belies its impact—and its success. Now the oldest—and arguably the most successful—accelerator in the Portland area has announced its latest class of startups.

  • Betty Jo’s Skincare – Simple all natural skincare for all women.
  • Candid Retail – Accurate and actionable business intelligence for retailers.
  • Charlie Curls – A compact, effective and no heat based hair curler.
  • Fire Brew – Artisanal health tonics that improve the body’s systems.
  • Glimmer Technology – Turning static images into 3D portals.
  • GrowlerFresh – The smart and connected home growler cooling system.
  • Handful – Active wear that multi-tasks as much as you do.
  • Heritage Laboratories – Holistic skincare through ingestible nutraceuticals.
  • Katie Brown LA – Timeless pieces of made-in-America clothing staples.
  • Local Traffic – The digital concierge platform for hotels and hospitality.
  • Madorra – Developing solutions to improve quality of life after menopause.
  • Riff Cold Brewed – The future of cold brewed coffee is upon us.
  • Serfpad – Portable keyboard tray for any wireless keyboard and mouse.
  • Sidebar – Real-time ecommerce customer reviews via opt-in chat platform.
  • Sohr Performance – Protein shake made delicious with organic hazelnut milk.
  • Sseko Designs – The fashion brand creating opportunity for women globally.
  • Slumberkins – Cuddly creatures with intention.
  • Tali – Voice driven productivity assistant for tracking time.
  • Tripgrid – Simplifying complicated team travel logistics.
  • Upstar Ice Cream – High protein, low calorie ice cream that is unmatched.
  • Wheelhouse – Turning walls into workspaces.

Interested in participating? You can get more information at Starve Ups.

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