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Portland Seed Fund and Starve Ups alum 4-tell acquired

Over the last thirteen years, I’ve had the opportunity to write about a lot of Portland startups. A lot. And sometimes, despite my best intentions, those startups fall off of my RADAR. So it’s always nice to see them pop back up again with good news. Like Portland startup 4-tell. Which has been acquired by Searchspring.

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Another week, another Starve Ups alum acquired: Manage My Co-op exits

One of my favorite things about Portland’s original startup scalerator, Starve Ups, is their laser focus on helping founders successfully exit from their companies. Why? Well among other things, it’s the only way we’re going to generate enough wealth to create a truly self sustaining startup ecosystem. So following fast on the news of Starve Ups alum SpaceView’s acquisition, I’m happy to reveal that another Starve Ups alum—and RAIN Eugene alum—has exited, Manage My Co-op.

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Looking for a little rocket fuel for your startup? Starve Ups Launch Pad could be just what you need

Being an entrepreneur ain’t easy. And getting your startup to a point where it’s generating revenue, satisfying customers, and gaining recognition can sometimes seem like insurmountable tasks. That’s why it’s nice to have peers who can help mentor you. Like Starve Ups Launch Pad. Read More

Starve Ups: Is that a COO in your backpocket or are you just happy to see me?

Every startup is trying to do more with less. Well, actually, everyone is trying to do more with less. But especially startups.

That’s what makes StarveUps guest speaker Cameron Herold‘s expertise so intriguing. His premise? Efficient operations can help startups double profits and revenues—in less than three years. Read More

How do you raise a million dollars in Portland in this economy? These folks will tell you, this Tuesday

When it comes to running a startup in Portland, one of the most common misconceptions has to be the “it’s impossible to raise money in Portland” one. Now, it’s not easy. But it’s not impossible.

How do I know? Well, because people have been raising money. Even in this economy. And on Tuesday, Starveups is going to let some of those money raising folks share their stories. What’s more, they’d like you to come hear them. Read More