Portland Startup Week 2018 features special guest Arlan Hamilton, founder of Backstage Capital

A couple of years ago, Stephen Green put together an amazing Reverse Pitch event that I got the chance to attend. (If you’re not familiar with the format, a “reverse pitch” is where investors get on stage to describe the types of startups they’re seeking.) During the event, I had the pleasure of hanging out in the audience with a newcomer to the venture capital world who was visiting Portland. Her name? Arlan Hamilton.

A lot has transpired since that event. Arlan and her firm Backstage Capital have had a significant impact on the venture capital world. Her thesis of focusing on underestimated founders has resulted in Backstage investing in nearly 100 portfolio companies. She’s been featured in publications like Fast Company, Fortune, Inc, and USA Today. She’s starring in the next season of the Startup podcast. And she just launched a Backstage Studio, a venture capital studio.

So imagine my surprise when Stephen announced he was going to be able to do the Reverse Pitch event again as part of Portland Startup Week 2018and that Arlan was carving time out of her overly busy schedule to join us in Portland, again. But this time, she’ll be on stage.

If you’re interested in attending, the free event takes place Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at WeWork Pioneer Place starting at 6:00PM. Space is limited. And keep in mind, that this is one of more than 100 different opportunities to engage with the Portland startup community, throughout the week. Many of which are hosted at WeWork Custom House and WeWork Pioneer Place.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Portland Startup Week 2018.

[Full disclosure: I am a mentor for Backstage Capital.]