Startupathon: A 24-hour podcast to raise money for women entrepreneurs in developing countries

If there’s one place that the Portland startup community shines, it’s working together to help others. We’ve seen that play out multiple times with efforts like Business for a Better Portland, as one example, and with any number of fundraisers and food drives. So with Portland Startup Week 2018 coming up, it makes perfect sense that the community would use that as an opportunity to come together again to help others. Introducing the Startupathon, a 24-hour podcast fundraiser put on by the Startup Radio Network.

In celebration of Portland Startup Week running April 2 through April 6, 2018, Startup Radio Network is hosting the first ever 24 hour live nonstop startupathon where over 100 local Portland, Oregon startup founders and entrepreneurs will be sharing their personal stories of incredible success, abject failure and overall Portlandness. This event is being held in the heart of beautiful downtown Portland, as over 100 entrepreneurs share their business acumen with listeners from around the world.

In the Portland spirit of collaboration, connection and vision for a better world, we will use this 24 hour event as a platform to raise $5,000 for female entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world. The funds we raise will be distributed 100% transparently through microfinance platform, Kiva, where the starting count is 7,257 entrepreneurs, 98% of which are women in developing countries.

The podcast will be live from 10AM on Monday, April 2, 2018 through 10AM on Tuesday, April 3, 2018.

And if you’re a night owl, you might take the opportunity to take part in the podcast. There are currently openings for guests in the early morning hours.

For more information or to tune in, visit Startupathon on Startup Radio Network.

[Full disclosure: I’ll be appearing as a guest on the program.]